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108 sets sample apartments


RuYi sample apartments- BK Ciandre Minimalist Furniture Manufacturers & hospitality supplier.

Project Name: 108sets sample apartments

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Products we supplied: Windows, Doors, Tables, Kitchen Cabinet, living room cabinet, walk in closet and so on

A leading minimalist furniture brand in China, BK CIANDRE is a processional ceramic table manufacturer and minimalist furniture R &D solution global provider. We have full range collections of ceramic tables, kitchen cabinets, kitchen panels, walk in closet, doors and modular TV wall cabinets.

Global reputation as one of the world's largest and most respected furniture manufacturers.

Project Briefing and Building Overview:

Living space is the human evolution and development, with the rapiddevelopment of economy and time, our demand to house is not only for living, more we need is to enhance our life for living better and for our soul needs to settle down.

Therefore LvDi Real Estate cooperated with BK Ciandre to develop this RUYI Project.

108 sets sample apartments 1 


The porch, as the first space for entering the home, carries the space exchange between us entering and leaving. The design not only focuses on the future of daily life to think about the needs, but also meets the needs of small porch storage. More importantly, it creates enough tolerance to face enough Multiple customer groups.

108 sets sample apartments 2 

The entrance has carefully planned a "library-style" storage space with a depth of 800mm, and innovated on the traditional cabinet storage. Items are easily placed here, making the home space more tidy and orderly.

108 sets sample apartments 3 

Air Dresser Smart Clothes Cleaner- Clothes disinfection cabinet

Due to the global pandemic, we consider that safety and hygiene, we design and set up the Clothes disinfection cabinet at the entrance for protect your safety.   

108 sets sample apartments 4
108 sets sample apartments 5

Kitchen Area:

Kitchen is the heart of the home, All year round, three meals a day, those warm fireworks, and the good taste of the stomach together constitute our tongue-tip memory of home. However, traditional Chinese family kitchens are often messy and disorderly, so a more orderly kitchen space is being called by contemporary home chefs. 

108 sets sample apartments 6
108 sets sample apartments 7

300mm、450mm、600mm kitchen modular cabinet for store different things, according to the cooking and storage habits to combined assembly, make the kitchen storage is more refined and tidy.

With the development of the times,kitchen are becoming a social place for a new generation of young people. The bar table that can "grow" and the island table are integrated, which can be stretched when used, and constantly change with the life scene, especially in the home office. At ordinary times, dining, online meetings, reading, chatting...the work and life of a family can be satisfied at the bar island.

108 sets sample apartments 8

Meal storage can effectively solve the overflowing kitchen items, and can also expand the functions of collection display, wine cabinet and so on. Especially in the context of the epidemic, hoarding ingredients is becoming a demand, which puts forward higher requirements for storage space.

108 sets sample apartments 9
108 sets sample apartments 10

Living Room:

The living room has always been the core area of the family house. In the current residential design, it continues the function of meeting guests, but also serves as an important center of daily life such as leisure and entertainment, home office, and parent-child interaction.

The more important thing in the living room is the variability and inclusiveness of the space, with movable furniture and walls gradually appearing. The wall cabinet storage system and TV cabinet is the soul of the living room design.

108 sets sample apartments 11108 sets sample apartments 12108 sets sample apartments 13


108 sets sample apartments 14
108 sets sample apartments 15
108 sets sample apartments 16

The bathroom space is small and affected by the humid environment, so the reasonable storage, preservation and convenient access of items are the propositions of bathroom storage. 

In addition to the use of conventional spaces such as mirror cabinets and alcoves, Greentown has developed ultra-thin cabinets with a depth of 150-200mm on the side walls, and has multiple functional partitions to accommodate cosmetics and baby cleaning products of different sizes. 


108 sets sample apartments 17

Bedroom area is different than other public spaces, the bedroom is a more private space that does not need to be seen outside. The full-featured bedroom is derived to form an independent, complete and private small space, which has become the current living trend.

108 sets sample apartments 18
108 sets sample apartments 19

In addition to installing the bay window to store the pull-out cabinet, the Ruyi House has an integrated design to "revive" the bay window and become a practical book bar and tea table. Reading before going to bed, igniting aromatherapy and playing a piece of music in our spare time can extend our diverse love for life here.

108 sets sample apartments 20
108 sets sample apartments 21
108 sets sample apartments 22

Wardrobe and make up vanity: 

108 sets sample apartments 23
108 sets sample apartments 24

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