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Bk Ciandre New Release FENIX Rectangle Extendable Dining Table [ Ceramic Table]



Discover our range of extendable dining tables to suit your space and style. Whether you’re looking for a small extendable dining table to fit into a snug space, a modern statement piece or a large extending table fit for the whole family, this extendable dining table contemporary extending dining table has all been crafted with care.

Bk Ciandre New Release FENIX Rectangle Extendable Dining Table [ Ceramic Table] 1

Bk Ciandre is the first enterprise to develop and released this minimalist rectangle extendable table “ Armando”.

Armando is available in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing a multitude of aesthetic and functional solutions. The legs are made of die-cast aluminum, whereas the top is available in Fenix®, Laminam®, Egger®and gloss or matt glass. The easily extendable top, featuring dimensionally dynamic slats is the real innovation here. An exceptionally fluid, user-friendly mechanism built into the middle part makes for easy extendibility and maximum stability. The united timeless design, superb craftsmanship, and agile functionality; make it the perfect choice for a multitude of uses - from family gatherings to business meetings.

Representing a statement in every dining room, its aluminum structure is enriched with Fenix wood/ Egger wood/ Laminam ceramic and glass top and a minimalist simple design.  The extensions for extendable tables are enclosed in a compartment with drawn aluminum.



The dining table is an integral part of the home, often it’s the largest piece within a dining room space, therefore it needs to deliver functionality and suit your style, no matter whether that’s elegant and timeless or a bold statement look that’s sure to turn heads, our range of extendable dining tables are sure to help you create a dining room you’ll love whilst delivering on what you need also.

Bk Ciandre New Release FENIX Rectangle Extendable Dining Table [ Ceramic Table] 2


1. Fenix table top which is scratch-proof, nevertheless you use the knife to scratch it, and got a crack, it could repair easily

2. The table could be customized to different sizes and accommodate the members attending. It can accommodate up to people in its extended version. You can easily open it when you have guests over. 

3. The table base is Austria tiger brand printed aluminum which is weather resistant and applied indoors and outdoors.


Discover a space-saving, contemporary, and sophisticated table for your home 

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