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How to Make an Outdoor Dining Table


Outdoor dining tables are a great place to sit with a tea mug in your hands and enjoy lovely weather. It is only possible if you have an aesthetically appealing dining table in your garden. Do you want to jazz up the garden with premium quality and an eye-catching dining table? Now you do not need to look ahead as you have one at BK CIANDRE.

This article will show you the process of your favourite table that we turned from dream to reality with huge efforts. Here are some general steps that we consider to make the process easy.

Step-by-Step Guide to Build the Dining Table

If your mood constantly changes due to ordinary table design, here we have found the solution through which you can keep a table for a long time while retaining the aesthetic and charm. It is a high-end tablet but worth it.

Here is the simple process of table manufacturing at BK CIANDRE

1. Cut the Legs and Other Parts

Cut the 29.2 inches long aluminium powder-coated pipes for the table base. We use 602 aviation special aluminium. They are sturdy and strong enough to endure 300KGs. Afterwards, utilize a cutter and trim the legs to determine the accuracy of width and thickness.

2. Assemble the Parts

Gather the required material, including an Allen key to fit screw size, drill to make holes in the legs, tap, and saw. Remember to cross-check the dimensions a bit of error will destroy the entire look.

3. Assemble Aluminium Skeleton

Then we prepare the table's base by attaching four right-angle brackets to the table's legs. Then four screws and eight triangles into the tabletop support sections.

How to Make an Outdoor Dining Table 1

4. Assemble the Entire Base

Fix the legs into their place and tighten the screw on all brackets. While making a table, we prefer to leave the screws a little loose so that you can make later required adjustments to the table pieces if required.

Then we put one slid nut into the short slides with two side nuts at the longer side of the tabletop supporting sections. Now, the most important step is to screw the right-angle bracket into each of the six slides of nuts.

5. Drill the Holes for Base

The 602 aviation special aluminium comes with filled legs. Hence, you do not need to use double legs to enhance durability to fit the ceramic top. However, to make foot support at the bottom of the table, we need to enlarge the holes and tap them so that the foot could be placed easily.

6. Attach the Ceramic Table Top

After completing the construction of the frame and tightening all screws, it is time to attach the ceramic top with it. We place the table frame on the tabletop in an upside-down manner.

For a perfect table, it is important to make sure that the table top is oriented correctly with the upside-facing floor. Do this process on a clean surface to avoid dust, scratches, etc.

Then centre the screw tight to the tabletop on the frame by measuring on the outside edge. Leave 5 inches border on the table.

After marking the points, begin with drilling. Carefully drill a hole into the tabletop for every bracket that supports the tabletop. Now finish the process but screwing the table top and tightening the screws that are mainly responsible for connecting the bracket to the support of the table.



A dining table is the focal point of the area. It can make and break the entire look and environment of outdoor teatime, so it should be finely constructed. Utilizing the automatic machine for cutting and edging at BK CIANDRE, they ensure a clean and finely edging product for a memorable and exciting party. To fulfil the wish of a well- build and sturdy outdoor dining table, you can contact BK CIANDRE dining table manufacturers. BK CIANDRE is a processional ceramic table manufacturer and minimalist furniture R&D solution global provider. They offer a wide range of table options that allow you to select according to your preference at affordable prices.

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BK CIANDRE is a professional ceramic table manufacturer and minimalist furniture R &D solution global provider.
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