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How to Measure for Kitchen Cabinets?


Accuracy is the crux of perfection. Whether you are planning to make the cabinets yourself or hire a contractor for new kitchen cabinets installation, measuring the space is crucial. It is not an easy task. Trying to make it easy by measuring the existing decade-old cabinet might ruin the task because wooden cabinets sometimes disfigure. Therefore, for perfect sizes, you need to put some effort and take measurements directly from the wall.

To help you save time and confusion, we have created a step-by-step measurement of the cabinets.

How to Measure for Kitchen Cabinets? 1

Step 1: Make a Rough Sketch

Jumping directly to the wall is not a good or practical idea. The first step should be to draw a rough map or plan of the kitchen and take some blueprints of expected changes. The utilization of grid paper makes drawing and estimation easy.

Step 2: Take Horizontal Measurements

You need to measure the whole wall area if the kitchen overhaul is being done to figure out how you can configure the cabinets. After completing the first draft, measure your space carefully. Instead of switching the unit for every figure, use a fixed unit for measurement, such as inches. Begin from the corners and measure clockwise with 36 inches in height. Take the reading from one end of the wall to the other while skipping the doors and windows.

After measuring the large segment, it is time to move to smaller segments like the corner of the wall to the outside of the window.

Step 3: Go For Vertical Measurements

From floor to the windowsill, from windowsill to top of the window, and from there to the ceiling, take vertical measurements. Then measure from the bottom to the ceiling at three different spots in the kitchen.

Step 4: Pen Down Obstructions

You will come across obstructions or hurdles like radiators, pipes, and vents. Carefully record and note down. It will be helpful at the time of installation.

Step 5: Appliances and utilities

Make a list of large appliances, furniture and fixtures, and anything else you want to keep after installing kitchen cabinets. Moreover, make a note of power supplies, water supply, power sources, heating, air vents, and light switches as well. Do not forget to mark their location on the blueprints.

Step 6: Kitchen layout and planning

Your overall floor plan should be simple and mention all essentials. Make sure to cross-check the measurements for high precision. After following all the steps, now you know how much space you have for the cabinets. Now you can start planning the kitchen layout.

The measurements are indeed difficult to take when there is no chance of a mistake. For professional assistance, you can consult BK CIANDRE; they can help you evaluate the size of kitchen cabinets. With a bit of effort and mind presence, you will have an accurate cabinet size. However, the type of cabinets depends on your space requirements and the design that sets well with the kitchen theme.

Step 7: Selecting Kitchen Cabinets

Once you have taken all measurements and laid out a plan, now you can conveniently size the cabinets, including width, length, and depth. The accurate size of the kitchen cabinet depends on your layout. It implies that you are ready. Now you can select the required cabinets from BK CIANDRE.


Kitchen cabinet measurements are crucial to an aesthetically appealing and perfect kitchen look. If you want to eradicate even minor possibilities of mistakes, you can consider BK CIANDRE. They are professional and operate a team of professionals to build your cabinets of accurate measurements. They are indeed worthy additions to try.

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