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Picking The Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Materials


Are you planning on designing your kitchen or renovating it, then we are here for you. The catchiest feature in the kitchen is always the cabinets there as it either compliment the kitchen design or wreck it.

Your kitchen cabinet must be picked with care and should go with the kitchen design, in terms of things like colour theme, building structure, size and definitely be according to your budget pocket.  

In choosing your kitchen equipment, you can consider using two or more different materials for more stylish result. Here are some tips you should consider that can really help you in choosing the right kitchen cabinet material. The tips below will be on the disadvantages and disadvantages of different kitchen cabinet materials.



Solid wood or majorly called plywood (it can also be hard wood, medium density fiber board or particleboard and so on) is actually the most expensive cabinet material and it is not for show. Solid wood is structurally perfect as it is purely made of thick wood.

Advantages of solid wood


When it comes to style, this cabinet material is evergreen. That’s it gives your kitchen timeless beauty and make it up to style and fitting latest trend.

Natural colours

Unlike the other materials, solid wood comes in different natural hues. The natural colours are based on the wood type.

Durable and Strong

Being pure wood, this cabinet material is strong, enduring and has high tolerance to damages. With this material, scratches and dirt can easily be covered and cleaned.


Another merit of solid wood is that it can be designed or customized to suit your taste and style.

Disadvantages of solid wood


Solid wood kitchen cabinet material is more expensive than other kitchen cabinet materials.

Reaction to Humidity

Solid wood naturally reacts to humidity and it causes excessive shrinking and swelling that will affect the wood and also cause cracks and splitting.


Solid wood cabinet material requires high maintenance. Solid wood require to be cleaned with waterproof non-abrasive products designed for wood.



This material is a thin slice of solid wood mostly barks that are typically glued and pressed onto core panels to produce flat panels.

Advantages of wood veers

Natural Wood

Veneer wood gives the cabinet a look and feel of solid wood since they are gotten from real wood just glued to cheap core materials.


Wood veneer is a thin layer of solid natural wood so it is way lighter and cheaper.


When scratched, wood veneer kitchen cabinet can be easily be repaired to give it smooth appearance again.

Durable and Strong

This material is resistant to warping and more durable than laminate kitchen material though less than solid wood.


Taking care of the veneer cabinets is easy, all you need is a lightly wet soft cloth.

Disadvantage of veneer cabinet

Low Resistance To Water

This is the major disadvantage of veneer wood, water or extreme moisture will make the material loose from its base.


Kitchen Cabinet



This actually very common due to the fact that it is durable and it has different patterns and designs. These are the main advantages and disadvantages of melamine.

Advantages Of Melamine


When considering cost, melamine might be your best option as it is the most affordable kitchen material.  Melamine is fused with plywood or pressed wood, then covered with a layer of melanin resin that is paper coloured and heat-fused

Heat Resistance

Compared to normal wood, melamine materials have more heat resistance and it releases nitrogen when burned which reduces fire


Melamine comes in variety of patterns, colours and designs. What more, it comes with a rather large array of texture too and even a compelling faux wood grain.


Melamine kitchen cabinets are durable and quite easy to clean and care of. This kitchen cabinet material can be cleaned with ease so using light scrubbing pad is advised and over time, you won’t even need sealing.

Disadvantages Of Melamine


When it comes to shape, melamine is limited to square shapes either large or small which will significantly reduce your design options.


Melamine cabinets will not bend but will most likely get scratches and dents that you might not be able to repair.


Melamine kitchen cabinet material might end up sagging or dropping due to it being a heavy material. This particular material is heavier compared to other expensive kitchen cabinet materials.



This kitchen cabinet material is actually melamine with pine fibre which is then covered with polyester film. Polyester materials are perfect when you don’t want to use wood as it perfectly matches wood but has more resistance than wood though not as expensive.

Advantages Of Polyester


Polyester kitchen cabinet gives a more sophisticated look than melamine and definitely more expensive but it still very affordable.

Better resistance

Polyester has more resistance than wood and melamine. It is more scratch resistant compared to both.


When it comes to polyester cabinets, colours are no problem as they come in different colours and shades even.

Disadvantage of polyester

The major disadvantage of polyester is that once it gets scratched, it is very hard to retouch it.


Partner with us for the best kitchen cabinet

These are the major or common types of kitchen cabinet materials and we offer all. So after going through this, you are sure to come across what suit your taste, style and budget.

So you can call us to order or choose your perfect kitchen cabinet material at affordable price, we are available and can be contacted at your convenience. 

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