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Top 10 kitchen cabinets suppliers in the Europe


Kitchen cabinets are an essential component of any kitchen makeover, according to industry experts, kitchen cabinets can account for up to 40% of total kitchen renovation expenses. Customers should always keep your back Anwar in mind before purchasing kitchen cabinets.  It is recommended to do good research on many industrial businesses to determine the one that best suits your taste and budget. In the following mobile, we will try to select the top 10 factories and manufacturers of kitchen cabinets in Europe.



Also called Arclinea Arredament Spa, it's far a layout enterprise primarily based totally in Italy with an undertaking of harmonizing era and creativity, functionality, and conviviality thru answers which might be progressive for areas that enhance great of life. It is an across-the-world prestigious well-known emblem that has international professional income points.

• Industries: Home furniture and furnishings production

• Website: http://www.arclinea.com

• Size of the enterprise: 50 to two hundred personnel

• Established: 1925

• Headquarters: Caldogno, Vicenza

• Type of enterprise: Held privately


Brands Commodore, A Los Angeles Carte, Gower, FM, ewe, Intro, HTH, magnet, Invita, Norma, Marbodal, Parma, Rixonway Kitchens, Petra, Brabus, uno form, Sigdal.

• Bathroom cabinets

• Bathroom tap

• Kitchen sink faucet

• Bathroom bathing faucet

• Ceramic faucet valve,

• Sink mixer faucet

• Bidet



It is the main kitchen professional which has approximately 15 sturdy brands, to understand the kitchen desires of the consumer, turning in greater than 11,000 kitchens weekly. It is all approximately growing and production kitchen answers in approximately 14 centers which might be observed in 7 nations in Europe that are prepared into 3 regions: the Central Europe vicinity, the industrial vicinity west, and the industrial vicinity north.

You get the product via a community in their stores, franchise shops, and outlets, and via expert companions who do deliver the kitchens. There is approximately 6300 personnel who the enterprise offers room to grow, learn, innovate and build.

• Industries: Home and furnishing and furnishings production

• Website: https://www.nobia.com/

• Company length: 5000 – ten thousand personnel

• Company headquarters: Stockholm, Stockholm county 111 sixty-four SE

• Type of enterprise: Public


Brands Commodore, A Los Angeles Carte, Gower, FM, ewe, Intro, HTH, magnet, Invita, Norma, Marbodal, Parma, Rixonway Kitchens, Petra, Brabus, uno form, Sigdal.

• Bathroom cabinets

• Bathroom tap

• Kitchen sink faucet

• Bathroom bathing faucet

• Ceramic faucet valve,

• Sink mixer faucet

• Bidet

Top 10 kitchen cabinets suppliers in the Europe 1


hooked up in 1965, providing great production corporations like Lotte, Samsung, LH, Doosah, GS, and SH withinside the Korean home marketplace. It additionally resources Hanssem, the pinnacle kitchen device maker in Korea with approximately 700000 USD yearly.

It exports to North China, Japan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and lots of different nations approximately three million USD yearly. It is a tap enterprise that resources Samsung Construction Company, the largest production enterprise in Korea.

They were in the tap production records for forty-six years, green wherein they broaden green goods. The taps via way of means of Dada are furnished to huge aside projects, business buildings, hospitals, schools, navy centers, public offices, and industries with health projects

• Industries: Wholesale constructing substances

• Website: http://www.dadacorp.co.kr

• Size of enterprise: 50 to two hundred personnel

• Headquarters: Seoul, in Seoul

• Type of enterprise: Public Company

• Established: In 1965



• Concealed tap

• Faucet

• Bathroom bathe

• Bathroom Faucet

• Kitchen sink faucet

• Bathroom bathing faucet

• Ceramic faucet valve,

• Sink mixer faucet

• Bidet



It is a worldwide chief in relation to innovation, manufacture, layout, and distribution of kitchen, tile, and lavatory merchandise, endeavoring to be the chief withinside the enterprise via the supply of designs that might be contemporary-day of extraordinary refinement and beauty, and uncompromising great, offerings which might be reliable and advanced technological merchandise to clients.

It has been withinside the marketplace for over forty-five years and began out in Castellon, Spain. Since then, it's been imparting layout and architectural answers to its customers in addition to the A&D network with extraordinary great, innovation, and service.

Currently, the enterprise enjoys its presence in over a hundred and forty nations internationally thru over four hundred enterprise-owned distribution facilities, showrooms, and a huge community of unbiased shops and distributors.

Its powerful infrastructure of retail companions, showrooms, and facilities of distribution allows the clients to be stimulated with the modern-day famous of merchandise, speedy delivery, and guide fo

• Industries: Wholesale production substances

• Website: www.porcelanosa.com

• Size of the enterprise: one thousand to 5000 personnel

• Headquarters: Villarreal in Spain

• Type of ownership: Privately owned

• Founded: 1973



• Kitchens

• Tiles

• Architecture answers

• Bathrooms

• Building systems

• Interior layout

• Solid surface



The enterprise turned hooked up in 1987 via way of means of Marco Gorini and Gianna Farina as an easy indoor layout enterprise. Tailor-made kitchens had been created in 1990 because of the affection of Marco and Gianna has for food.

Their wonderful great, use of precise substances, layout and style, and non-stop studies withinside the technical answers in addition to hand-made finishing, represent a clear definition of the kitchen layout.

You will discover them in Belgium, Austria, England, China, Estonia, Germany, France, Holland, Greece, Israel, Hong Kong, Jarkata, Italy, Lebanon, Japan, Mexico, Luxembourg, Poland, Morocco, Monaco, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, United States, United Arab Emirates, and Uruguay.

It is an enterprise that mixes great production excellence with superior manufacturing equipment to provide you with excellence withinside the marketplace. The take care of details, ardor and lengthy revel in, and operating strategies which might be simply precise brings out precise and complex items in any length and shape.

It combines numerous substances like marble, stones, titanium, wood, polished or matt steel, copper, bronze, and lots greater. The enterprise has obtained strategies in relation to using substances and gear which is probably taken into consideration whole and remarkable.

Industries: Home furnishing and furnishings production

• Website: www.stratocucine.com

• Size of enterprise: 10 to 50 personnel

• Headquarters: Talamona in Sondrio

• Type of enterprise: Privately owned



• Furniture

• Kitchen

• Interior layout

• Furnishings

• Architecture

• Italian layout

• Made-in-Italy designs

• Home interiors

• Luxury kitchens

• Interior Architecture


6-Aran cucine

It is an Italian enterprise that leads withinside the exportation of the kitchen. It is rated by many excellent Italian corporations for the manufacturing, layout, and distribution of kitchens, wardrobes, and workplace furnishings.

• Industries: Home furnishing and furnishings production

• Website: http://www.arancucine.it

• Size of enterprise: two hundred to 500 personnel

• Headquarters: Atri, TE

• Type of enterprise: Privately owned



• Living Furniture

• Bathroom cabinets

• Design



The enterprise is a collection of corporations, which accommodates numerous corporations which might be nationally energetic in addition to global. It is widely recognized withinside the vicinity of the recycling and production era. The complete knowledge and lots of years of revel distinguish it from the rest.

• Industries: It is a business equipment production

• Website: https://www.eggersmann.com

• Size of enterprise: 500- one thousand personnel

• Headquarters: In Marienfeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen

• Type of enterprise: Owned privately

• Founded: 1951



• Civil production

• Recycling era

• Mechanical treatment

• Biological treatment

• Operating the recycling plants

• Recycling equipment


• Terra select





• Convaero



The enterprise has exceptional records in relation to innovation. Being the inventor of the contemporary-day kitchen, it combines sustainable architectural principles in addition to the programs with designs that might be trend-setting, technical precision, and exceptional craftsmanship.

It turned into based in 1892 as a cabinetmaker’s shop, which has controlled to adapt to come to be a main German-made emblem for luxurious kitchen architecture. It has high-quality recognition across the world this is constructed upon its pursuit of innovation.

It has kitchens that might be synthetic on the headquarters of the enterprise in Herford, Germany which makes it viable that the excessive popularity and difference of the enterprise are upheld. You get their kitchens bought in over 70 nations all around the globe thru the global community of the enterprise’s legal enterprise companions and studios.

• Industries: Home furniture and furnishings production

• Size of enterprise: 500 to one thousand personnel

• Website: www.poggenpohl.com

• Headquarters: Herford

• Type of enterprise: Owned privately

• Established: 1892



• Home décor

• Cabinets

• Kitchen

• Interior layout

• Bathroom cabinets

Top 10 kitchen cabinets suppliers in the Europe 2


BK CIANDRE is a professional ceramic table manufacturer and minimalist furniture R & D solution global provider.

We have a full range of collections of ceramic tables, kitchen cabinets, kitchen panels, walk-in closets, doors, and modular TV wall cabinets.

Our factory and showroom account for more than 25000 square meters

We have more than 15 years of experience in the aluminum, glass, and ceramic furniture industry

Our production line is set up based on ITALY top furniture brands’ quality standards, we imported an ITALY-BOTTERO machine and a 5-axis aluminum processing machine under the German SIEMENS operation system



We consider technology and machines to be essential and they can be found throughout our organization: starting from the product, which is required in order to achieve the utmost quality and perfection, through to the production systems, characterized by the use of glass and aluminum, a sign of the maximum flexibility in production.

Industries: Wholesale building materials

Website: https://www.bkciandre.com

Size of company: 500-1000 employees

Headquarters: Foshan City, Guangdong

Type of company: private

Established: 1996

Key Products

Walk-in closet

Kitchen cabinets

Ceramic table 

Customized furniture

Interior Design

Panel furniture production

B2B cooperation

Top 10 kitchen cabinets suppliers in the Europe 3


There are many kitchen cabinet suppliers out there, but finding the right one can be a challenge. You want a supplier that can provide high-quality cabinets at a fair price, and who has a good reputation. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a kitchen cabinet supplier:

Quality is important – You want cabinets that are well-made and will last. Look for a supplier that offers a warranty on their products.

Price is also important – You don't want to overspend on your kitchen cabinets. Get quotes from several different suppliers to compare prices.

Reputation matters – Take some time to read online reviews of potential suppliers. Make sure they have a good track record of customer satisfaction. Once you've found a Kitchen Cabinets supplier that meets all of your criteria, you can be confident that you're getting the best possible product for your money.

BK CIANDRE is one of the leading suppliers of kitchen cabinets in the market today. We offer a wide range of products that are perfect for any kitchen design. BK CIANDRE kitchen cabinets are made from high-quality materials and are available in a variety of styles and colors. With BK CIANDRE, you can be sure to find the perfect cabinet for your kitchen. We try to use our experience to improve our industries through research and development.  Check out our website to see all kinds of products that we have. We also strive to provide modern kitchen cabinets that meet the needs of restaurants, cafes, hotels, or any company interested in the product.


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BK CIANDRE is a professional ceramic table manufacturer and minimalist furniture R &D solution global provider.
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