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Which colour kitchen cabinets are timeless?


Did you know that there are eight main interior design categories? And even those have their own sub-categories, thus creating a much larger sum of styles and colour combinations that are available when we create interiors, whether for residential or commercial use. From Industrial to Eclectic and from Vintage to Minimalist there are vast differences in the prints, materials and colours used.

Despite that, there are some kitchen cabinets colour options that are timeless and can be matched to various of those styles. Whether you choose a monochrome kitchen cabinet or a combination of colours kitchen cabinets and materials, here are the ones that endure the test of time and trends.

Which colour kitchen cabinets are timeless? 1


As a base colour, white reflects light and makes even small kitchen cabinets feel spacious. It can be used to brighten a kitchen, especially when contrasted with a darker floor. One of the most common options is high gloss white which not only looks clean and sharp but is easy to maintain in terms of cleanliness. Another way to incorporate it in a kitchen is white marble or ceramic for a more natural 



Kitchen cabinets can be standalone or used with any other colour combination such as woods, black, solid colours or shades of grey.

White kitchen cabinets have been in fashion since the 80s and even though much has changed since then, their popularity hasn’t. 


Natural oak wood 

Wood has always been a standard reference for both furniture and kitchen designs. Although there are many options to choose from like walnut, cherry and pine, oak has been a stable favourite for years. Its light natural colour gives a sense of warmth but does not overload the space. Moreover, the latest design trends show a turn towards natural looks and materials, and oak certainly fits that preference. 

Depending on the style of oak your Kitchen cabinet choose, there are many combinations that highlight the beauty of natural oak. These range from white, grey, black and even solid colours like blue, green and pink. 


Grey shades

Grey Kitchen cabinets are one of the most versatile colours. From light gloss grey to dark anthracite there is a shade for every style out there. It can be found in wood-look laminates, ceramics, and glasses, with a gloss or matte finish. Never has colour been so flexible and able to match so many other materials. From modern minimalist to industrial and contemporary, grey can be used as a countertop, cabinet frame or backsplash and still make an impact. By pairing it with chrome accessories it can create a sharp look with gold ones, and expensive and luxurious ones.


Having timeless colour kitchen cabinets has many benefits. It allows you to change your home’s decoration at ease and as often as you like. Moreover, kitchen cabinets do not lose their value over time. 

However, the timeless coloured kitchen cabinets can only stand the test of time if you choose high-quality cabinets. We at BK Ciandre, with more than 15 years of experience, can help you not only space plan your kitchen to make it practical and ergonomic but will also advise you on the colours that will better suit your style and preferences. Using our latest technology and patented features you can have the best results.

By choosing from our great range of top-quality materials, you will ensure that your kitchen not only looks but is timeless! 

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